Whether you are attending summer camp, taking private lessons or having a one of a kind water party, it’s important that everyone stays safe.

We’ve put some important policies in place so everyone is on the same page.

Please make sure to read all the policy rules carefully.


  1. MUST WEAR water shoes at all times.
    We can not control what is under the water or embedded in the sand. To prevent serious injury we insist on wearing shoes.
    If you come to camp without proper water shoes you won’t be able to participate in that day’s activities
    Flip flops or bare feet = no Activity
    Please make sure to pack shoes
  2. MUST WEAR a life jacket at all times regardless of your swimming ability (we provide life jackets) water currents are invisible and can be very strong so regardless of your swimming ability, life jackets are a must.
  3. MUST WEAR rash guards every day for sun protection.
  4. MUST WEAR sun caps every day.   A sun cap is your first defense against heat exhaustion or stroke.
  5. Please bring a full water bottle, towels, change of clothing, additional snacks (if picky eater), hoodies, sun spray and sunglasses.
  6. It is important to be prepared for camp. Way to often we see kids that come to camp without proper equipment and suffer for it.
    Please get ready the night before for camp so you don’t have to rush in the morning or stress.

Each Camper receives 2 rash guards, 1 sun cap, 1 rain poncho and 1 BPA free water bottle, all included in your fees.


We have the best verifiable safety record with the Dept Of Health and Child Care Services.

Let’s work together to make sure everyone is always safe, at all times


Water sports can be dangerous as in every sport or event, 99% of all accidents happen when rules aren’t followed.  Rules are for safety not for control.

  1. Listening to all safety instructions is a must.
  2. Disruptiveness is dangerous and will not be tolerated.
  3. Respect for instructors, other campers and private property is all part of the Camp Maritime culture and is mandatory.
  4. Participation is very important.
    We know everyone one has some bad but not every day. Campers must participate in all stretching exercises and safety instruction to prevent injury.
    You can not not do exercises but do the activity, they go hand in hand.
  5. Profanity, fighting, bullying are grounds for expulsion just like everywhere else.
  6. Parents will have to pay for destruction of any camp property.

We have a simple 4 strike policy.

  1. Warning
  2. Time out
  3. Stay home
  4. Don’t come back

If somehow your camper gets to strike 4, there will be no discussions. No refunds will be issued if your child is asked to stay home.


  1. Campers do one water sport a day.
  2. Campers will do 3 – 5 activities per week.
  3. Campers must stay in the group they are assigned to unless they have siblings or friends in another group and in that case will be moved only once.
  4. Campers can not do the same activity all week.
  5. Campers should not attend camp if they are sick, it’s not fair to others.
  6. We are a water sports camp not a single sport camp.  We can not have more than 14 kids per group, it’s a safety issue.

Activity schedule is based on weather conditions, scheduled equipment maintenance, break downs natural disasters, instructor health issues and “interest from other campers”.
( * Interest means – we cant have 7 kids windsurfing. We need a minimum of 10 campers to run an activity)

We will not make campers do any activities but they must accompany their group or team to all events. We are a water sports adventure camp. Every day is a different trip, we do not stay at camp so please plan accordingly.


Refunds are only issued within one week of enrollment but only if you haven’t attended.
We do our best to please every participant but we are not for everyone. If you start camp and its not what you expected, the right fit or what you thought “we promised”, refunds will not be issued.

If you do not attend camp during your enrollment period, there will be no make-up days regardless of sickness, injury, unforeseen events , covid quarantine, death in family or impromptu vacation. Our policy on this is the same as 95% of camps in America.

Because we are a water sports camp it’s especially difficult to allow refunds or credits.

Out of respect to the families of our participants we wanted to let you know the reasons why refunds or credits are impossible to sustain.

We do not allow casual water lovers to teach any sport. Everything we teach is highly specialized and for insurance purposes must adhere to the highest safety standards. Our instructors are all licensed and insured. Most are from overseas and all their, travel, room, board, daily pay rates need to be paid regardless. So if you cant make make it or something happens in your life , rent insurance and instructor pay has been paid and will not be returned to us.

We must maintain all equipment at the highest levels of maintenance for safety and performance reasons, especially all boats and flight equipment. Insurance and transportation is prepaid in advance and will not be returned.

On rainy days, when camp is canceled, there will be an official camp make up day on Saturday or Sunday.

If a make up day is missed you can not make them up on week days – Not because we don’t want to but because of limited group and transportation space.

If you made a mistake on registration dates and start camp not on your scheduled date, unless there is someone to take your spot or there is space available, we will not be able to accomodate you – we can only issue a credit for a later week or the following year.