Where To Go And What To Do With The Kids?

Winter is usually vacation time for northeasterners. This year my wife and had a hard time choosing a vacation spot with our kids. So I decided to put some facts together and blog about it. When choosing a warm weather vacation spot, for us several factors go into consideration – location, cost, and the answer to the question “What is there to do?” water sports are a big draw for beach and lake goers, but the choices can be overwhelming for those of us who live more inland. Many sound similar, and how do you know if they will be age-appropriate for your kids? Read on as we explain some of the water sports options you might see on the activities page of your next watery destination.

Paddleboarding: this water sport requires a paddleboard or surfboard. You’ll kneel, sit, stand or lay on the board using your arms or a paddle to steer yourself along. Using the paddle properly takes some practice and standing requires a bit of balance work. Translation: be ready for a great core workout! As long as the water is calm, school-age children should have no problem giving this a try.
Kayaking: just as you’d imagine, kayaking is the use of a kayak — a low-to-the-water boat that resembles a canoe. The paddler sits with their legs in front of them and uses a double-bladed paddle to propel himself through the water. Preschool age kids and up will love hanging out in a two-person kayak with mom or dad.

Canoeing: similar to a kayak, a canoe is a low-to-the-water boat in which the person canoeing sits facing forward on a small bench. Unlike kayaking, a single-bladed paddle is used. Canoeing can be fun for kids of all ages, especially if the water is calm.

Windsurfing: windsurfing is a cross between surfing and sailing. The participant sits on a board that is powered by a sail. Skill is required to properly position the sail in order to steer and accelerate the board. High speeds can be reached depending on the wind conditions. Many resorts have staff available to both explain how to position the sail or to take guests out for a fun ride. We suggest leaving this water sport to the older kids and teens.

Wakeboarding: what do you get when you combine skiing and surfing? Wakeboarding! This sport involves balancing on a wakeboard – a small rectangular like a board with shoe-like mounts attached to it – while being towed behind a boat. Just like skiing, balance, muscle strength and endurance are required. With practice, wakeboarders may “Ride the waves”, performing jumps and tricks. We recommend this sport for the strong swimmer’s school age and up.

Surfing: this popular water sport includes riding waves while standing on a surfboard. Many resorts offer the use of surfboards of all sizes for use by resort guests. We recommend this sport for strong swimmers and older kids, but even younger school-age kids will enjoy trying to ride shoreline waves.

Hopefully, this information was helpful and you guys make the right decision for you your next vacation spot.

You can also send your kids to camp maritime this summer and they’ll be able to do all of the above sports while you stay home and relax and spend much less money :$.

Regardless of where you go this winter, next summer or whenever. Remember to wear a properly-fitted Coastguard-approved life vest, use plenty of sunblocks and drink water whenever possible. Keep in mind these are just guidelines and you should always follow age requirements.