How To Pick The Best Camp For Your Child

There are so many camps these days it’s hard to make a choice. The camp I want to write is about is called camp maritime.

Camp maritime is located at 3000 Emmons Ave Brooklyn NY 11235. And it’s Located inside the beautiful Baron DeKalb marina.

Before we even decided what kind of camp we wanted to be, we knew for sure what we didn’t want to be, a camp mill with 500 kids or more. We wanted to know every camper and address all of there developmental needs. You’re not going to get that when you’re throwing 20-30 kids per group with kid whos barely 17 years old watching each one. We also didn’t want to be regular camp we wanted to be special, we wanted to be the best camp on earth.

If you ask most kids they’ll tell you they like water activities, waterfront, and water sports. Since my wife and I love water and we own a few boats, opening a water camp would be a natural fit. But for whatever reason, most water camps were located 100 of miles away from Brooklyn and not one in the whole city of New York.

I remember having a eureka moment at this point. I said holy cow babe, I think we have something here. There is no camp out there, right now that offers Kakayaking, sailing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, surfing, stand up paddle, Fishing, swimming, rowing, boating, and windsurfing.

My wife and I started planning, three years ago and I’m glad to say that last year we finally opened our doors. We not only had all these sports but we fed kids twice daily, totally natural food and snacks. We hired the best instructors and bought the best equipment.

As concerned parents, we wanted not only to have the best water camp but we wanted it to be the safest camp as well.
We could only do that by hiring only certified people and life long sailors.

Everyone loves camp maritime and if you sign up you’ll think it’s the best camp on earth as I do.