Eddie H. Brooklyn, NY Fantastic camp. My son, 7, and daughter, 6, loved it. They are novice swimmers and still gaining confidence, Maritime helped tremendously in them loving the water. My son was really in to tubing and kayaking. My daughter was in to surfing and paddle boarding. They would come home every day excited and what they did and exhausted. And those two things are a win for every parent. To be honest, I was concerned about my son and his slight fear of the water, i mean this kid didn't like getting his head wet, not even in the shower. But he had no issues at Camp Maritime. I feel he actually gained more confidence by going to Maritime. Is a still a little hesitant around the water? A tad, but whatever the camp counselors are doing to encourage him to get in the water, it's working!! The only negative thing i heard from my kids was, they didn't like waiting in the cafeteria hall with the other kids in the morning before they went out for the day's adventure. Why? cuz they wanted to get out on the water and have fun. But kids these days, they can't wait for 10 minutes!!!? On another note, my kids go to camps when they visit their grandmothers over the summer. And we have yet to find a Camp Maritime on the east coast that offers as many activities. Hands down the best aquatic camp on the east coast.
Katherine Pelts My son is 10 years old and had the best summer experience at this amazing camp. He go to do what he loves most and go fishing. He was able to learn new skills such as surfing, wake boarding and skim boarding which would be hard to introduce him to without this camp. Truly a great experience. We were going to only do a few weeks since we only learned of the camp in August but he ended up begging me to go for the extended weeks and came home happy every single day. Thank you to the amazing counselors and everyone for making his summer incredible. I highly recommend this camp for any kid who wants to enjoy summer break to the fullest.
Dan Fravel My son has attended Camp Maritime for three years. Were it not for the pandemic it would have been 5. It has been a pleasure to work with Eliot and all of the staff. The special care and patience that they have shown my son have lad to him calling it his "Happy Place". The activities are fun, and make the most of Brooklyn's coastline through many different water sports. They intorduced my son to surfing and flyboarding! Saafety is always their primary cancern. I highly recommend it!
Charles L. Forest Hills, NY Brooklyns Best Kids Camp available! My 7yo was able to surf, skimboard, kite board, windsurf, kayak, fish and just have an amazing blast!
Sonia G. Oakland, CA Great water camp for kids over the summer! Tons of activities each day. Gets them comfortable in the water. Each kid gets their own life vest and rash guard. The young adult / teen counselors that assist with the program are all very nice.
Julia P. Manhattan, NY Amazing experience! Our 7-year-old loved it! And this says a lot, as this was the fourth camp we've tried this summer. Camp Maritime was two thumbs up and by far our favorite. Registering was easy, our questions were answered promptly and thoroughly, the management had to do extra adjustments due to COVID and other unforeseen events - all of which they took in stride. The instructors were caring, passionate about what they do and developed a great rapport with kids. I personally loved not having to worry about preparing lunch every day. Initially planning on staying for one week, we ended up staying for three. Thank you Camp Maritime; keep doing what you are doing!
Sergei S. LONG ISLAND CITY, NY I just registered my nephew to this summer camp. Spoke to Captain Kristen and It was a pleasure to speak to someone so knowledgeable of the water. I felt much more comfortable registering knowing that my nephew is in good hands. It's about time we have a fun camp in the neighborhood.
Karina L. Manhattan, NY We signed up my son for 1 week to see how he would like it. He came home every day excited, happy and tired. Food is great, counselors and instructors are patient and professional. We recommended this camp to our friends and extended for 3 more weeks.
Gillian S. Brooklyn, NY Our daughter loved Camp Maritime! Wakeboarding was her favorite activity. The counselors were attentive and caring. Elliott was highly communicative and accommodating. We will definitely be back next summer. Thank you for all the fun, Camp Maritime!
Kazoku U. Back Bay, Boston, MA Our kids had a blast at @campmaritimenyc for two weeks. They enjoyed surfing, skim boarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, tubing, wind surfing, wake boarding, and pontooning. It's amazing summer camp to expose to so many different kinds of water sports. Instructors and the owner Elliot are great and very kind and attentive. We highly recommend for anyone who wants to introduce to Marine sports.
Alejandro A. New Rochelle, NY Great camp! Wonderful life experiences for children. They provided great customer service, very thorough in explaining the experience but they definitely under sold it! It was much better! Highly recommend this camp for anyone that wants to have their kids learn life lessons that they will use throughout their journey. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Aldo P. New York, NY This is our 4th year at Camp Maritime and sadly our last. Its been an awesome adventure and our daughter has learned how to water ski, flyboard, surf and stand up paddle boarding. She also learned about radar, waves , currents and even first aid. It hasn't always been perfect, especially the last two years but some how they made it work. Its too bad we're moving this summer otherwise we'd be here the 5th year too.
eva k. New York, NY My son went to camp maritime first time this year because one of his friends recommended. My son said that it's lik going on vacation, he loved it. I highly recommend camp maritime to anyone whose kids love water sports.
Angela K. Brooklyn, NY Anthony is a Camp Maritime biggest fan. It was our third year and there's always new sport. Camp founder Elliott Groman takes personal approach to EVERY student. Either it's your first time on the water or you are experienced surfer he will make sure your day is fun and safe. Camp is offering water sports that are out of reach of the majority of kids in South Brooklyn - scuba, surfing, hover board flying (was new this year), deep sea day trips, fishing and many more other activities. The staff is well trained, has certified instructors and high ratio of instructors per group. We are definitely will be back next year. Thank you for a great time, Camp Maritime!
samantha k. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY Again you knocked it out of the park! My son absolutely loves Camp Maritime. Elliot and staff are wonderful. We were nervous camp wouldn't happen this year but Elliot kept us informed about all the changes and their covid policies. My son is talking about next year already and what new water sport they are going to introduce. Great job guys!
Valery R. San Francisco, CA Third year in a raw with camp Maritime , amazing team , very accommodating management. Best summer experience with water activities. Never a dull moment! Great food. Huge thanks to Elliot and his team for making such a big effort to make kids happy during this summer after all days indoors due Covid.
Yami J My son had a great time at Camp Maritime, we would definitely recommend! Elliot and his staff were really nice and reassuring. My son’s favorite activities were fishing, kayaking and wind surfing. When we watched the windsurfing video we were amazed how confident he was way out there in the water. We look forward to the next signup so he can have the opportunity to try more activities!
Char Lee Hands Down The Best Summer Camp You Can Ask For! My 7yo son was able to get the full marine sea experience including surfing, skimboarding, fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding and windsurfing! I couldn’t even get this experience when I was down in Florida! Though I found out they are located in Miami as well! Ha ha! Five Stars!
Anna Goldshmidt If you want your kids to have a true fun in the summer camp, look no further! Camp Maritime offers so many great water activities for various age groups. This camp is truly unique! This was our first year in this camp but my son loved it! We are already looking forward for the next year’s fun! P.S. administration of the camp is very easy to deal with especially when summer camp needs to be plan ahead of time. Thank you Camp Maritime!
svetlana Pedulla My 11yo son had a great time at Camp Maritime last week. He enjoyed trying new water sports, the instructors were great and director was patient with our questions and concerns and was willing to adjust scheduled activities according to the kids / parents preferences. The only con my kid was super tired at the end of the day (well it’s really a pro- to be honest. Great time and experience!
Ngozi Agbasionwe My twin boys had an AMAZING time at Camp maritime! My boys are comfortable in the water but not swimmers so I was nervous at first, but they were completely safe and got to do so much. All the counselors were so nice! my boys had no complaints! Thank God I found this unique camp and gave it a try!! :-D
Alexander Shapsis, MD My 7-year-old son attended 3 weeks of this wonderful, fun-in-the-sun filled camp, full of excitement, amazing maritime and watersport skills, and above all - new friendships! This camp ensures a very safe environment, the staff members are very protective, kind and receptive to the wishes of parents. All children are well protected from the sun and sunblock application is mandatory for all kids! My son had a blast and is looking forward to return next year!
Christine Phillpotts Highly recommend! Our son had a great experience and the camp expanded his horizons so much. He got to do kayaking, paddle board, boogie board, and learned about boats and was excited to share what he learned when he got home. He also loved the water slides and inflatable hot dog! The counselors I met were kind, friendly and warm. Thanks for such a special and well-rounded experience, and let us know when you open a camp for adults because it looks so fun!
Natalie Zelenko Our discerning (read: picky) 12 year old says he had a great time at Camp Maritime for two weeks this summer! We very much appreciated that the kids were outdoors the entire day, engaged in different water activities every day at a different location on the water and had fun in a wholesome way. A fantastic concept for a day camp. The above-mentioned 12 year old says he would go back next year :)
deborah douek My son had a wonderful experience at camp maritime. It was a unique adventure that he would not have had at a regular day camp. He learned to surfing, wakeboarding, went on a pontoon boat and did other unique water sports. Overall, this was a very memorable summer.
Serge Sklyarenko My nephew had a great experience at the Camp Maritime. Knowledgeable instructors, fun water activities, great atmosphere. He’s looking forward to the next season. Keep up the good work!
T3 Live - Monica My Son had the best Summer of all time with Camp maritime!! he learned so much about the ocean... doing so many activities, and even taught himself how to swim! It was such a blessing how sun soaked, salty, and blissful he was every day! I was never worried that he was not having an awesome summer vaca, while I was still working full time, Camp maritime was everything I wanted for my little merman.
Annie Yun Thank you Camp Maritime for bringing joy to my son after an especially difficult period of remote schooling and pandemic life. It's brilliant to see him looking forward to his days fishing, wake boarding, surfing and being active all day outside. Hats off to you Elliot and the counselors for making these water sports and the ocean accessible to our city kids.
Azaliia Persits We signed up our son who is 7 y/o for 2 weeks. He really liked the first week then he said it was challenging for him. So we talked to the manager and explained the reasons why we can’t attend the camp anymore and he was very understandable. I guess our son was not ready for such intensive activities. Otherwise, great camp and friendly staff! I would recommend this camp to our friends!
Veronika Kulinenka My daughter went to campMaritime this summer where she spent 2 amazingly fun weeks! she was surfing most of the time as her intention was to pick up initial knowledge and experience. During those two weeks she simply fell in love with the surfing 🌊🌊🌊 The instructor did all his best to teach her doing that and they both reached their goal! Now we are considering to continue taking surf classes. The camp provided transportation and snacks. Overall we are happy with their service and approach to the kids safety. We definitely will come back next season!
Anna Rozentul This camp is brand new, and I was really worried signing my son up for it. But Eliot and Polina made me feel comfortable, and after the orientation both me and my son were psyched. It is so different from other camps that just take kids on trips to arcades and nothing more... kids learn actual skills, sailing, fishing, kayaking, surfing...and all are taught by certified instructors. I was pleasantly impressed that the owner checks the weather and marine forecast each day and if water conditions are not favorable, kids do something else. My son only went for half a summer, and we could not extend because they were full; but next year hopefully we will sign up for the full summer! And yes. That is a shark my son caught, tagged and released.
Lynn Jones My daughter had her second stint with Camp Maritime this past summer and practically begged for more! Elliot and the crew do an amazing job of instilling in the kids the excitement and joy of being out on the water, participating in a myriad of water sports throughout the program. She’s already looking forward to her return next summer!
Christina White My daughter just finished a week of this camp for the second year. She came home excited and exhausted everyday! She enjoyed the variety of adventures and tried to guess what the day’s activity would be. This year the stories of tubing (and wiping out) are on repeat! She had a great time and highly recommends this camp to all water lovers! As a parent, I would like to see more pictures but I do understand that they are too busy having fun!
Maksim Shligold Amazing camp with tons of exciting yet well supervised marine related activities. Great, fun counselors who really know what they are doing and care about the children. Send your kids here!
Amanda Kingsbury Amazing experience! My son had a blast and was exposed to more water sports in one week than some people experience in a lifetime. Great confidence booster and friendly and courteous staff to keep the kids safe. Highly recommend!
Meric Greenbaum First year camper and will definitely come back next year. Counselors were prepared and professional putting safety first. Perfect mix of fun and water safety. Looking forward to next year!
Dimalici Zabarkolini Incredible opportunity for kids to learn water safety and water sports. The only place that does this in NY
Hui Wu Excellent camp!! Love this idea of water activity camp! My child had a blast there everyday. It is very good for kids that like water sports or outdoor activities. Fishing, body surfing, surfing, pontoon, and much more. Plenty of activities even on rainy day. Kid was home happy everyday. Staffs are very nice and supportive. Elliot responses very fast if have questions. Child keeps asking coming back next year or later this summer😂
Shannon Reilly My daughter had a blast - she did tubing, spending a day on a Pontoon, surfing, and kayaking! She can't wait to go back next year!
Dina Roudnitsky One of the best camps that my child went . She can not stop talking about it and planning next summer there . Amazing water activities and fishing ,great staff ,and awesome food.
Angela Kravtchenko Best camp ever! A lot of amazing water sports, great teacher, counselors. Personal attention to every camper. Defenetly coming back!
Nosipho Dhladhla This is a great camp filled with fun water sport activities for the kids during the summer break even an opportunity to catch their own dinner 😋😋😋. My 8 year old especially enjoyed kayaking and paddle-boarding.
Denise Gittens-Duliepre My son now has wonderful memories of his awesome experience at Camp Maritime. AND he now has a passion for the water. Special Thanks to the Mr. Elliot, Albert & the staff!
Christine Campisi Paolillo Hank is an amazing instructor. I have never paddleboard but with his instructions and patience I stood up on the 2nd try!Can't wait to go again.
Margarita Rodriguez Staff/owners are great people, my daughter loves Kayaking. Very fun and nurturing camp, instills confidence upon educating them on what to do out in the water.